Paraphrase Tool UK: Variety and Usage

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Plagiarism is a serious offence in the UK and globally. One way of reducing the cases of coped content is through paraphrasing your work. There are different services you can get when you paraphrase online. In paragraph paraphrasing, my ideas in all the paragraphs are fine-tuned to meet your specifications. Sentences can also be paraphrased to ensure they fit the contexts. Sometimes. The work may be overwhelming, and you are forced to look for the paraphrase tool UK. You need to know how they work.

What Is Paraphrasing Tool and Who Uses It Today

Paraphrasing tools are used to write essays and articles afresh ensuring that the ideas are expressed differently. If you want to change the context of the content on your website. Rephrase that term paper, rewrite the business contract, the paraphrase generator UK is the way to go. The people who can benefit from these tools include business people who need to write articles for their websites and students with an assignment to complete that they need to correct.

English Paraphrasing Tool: Is It Better to Use UK Tool Than Any Other?

Most colleges prefer their papers to be written in UK English. Therefore, using any other version of English may make you lose important marks. For online content creators, you should know that most people understand UK English. Therefore, using paraphrasing online in UK English is more appropriate. A wider audience can read your content compared to using US English.

Main Techniques of Paraphrasing UK

You are bound to borrow information from other sources. In most cases, you cannot just write the content from other people in verbatim. It is crucial to know how to paraphrase the information in a way that the readers can understand the content. When you have a website, the readers can easily overlook the content if it is written in a way that is difficult to read. For students, the professor needs to know that you perfectly comprehend how to use information from other sources.

Before learning how to use the rewording tool, there are tips that you need to learn when it comes to paraphrasing content. First, it is crucial to understand that you cannot paraphrase an article that you have not understood. Therefore, the first crucial step is to go through the whole literature carefully. As you read it the first time, get the general message that it contains. After that, you have to comprehend the format used in presenting the message and the language used. Take short notes on the main points that you intend to write in your piece.

During the second reading, internalise the information that you have received. Check how the punctuation marks have been used, the tense and the sentence structures. At this point, you can now toss the article aside and write the content in your own words. Ensure that you include the keywords that are aimed to pass the information more clearly.
There should be a relationship between the piece you have prepared and the original work.

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Therefore, you need to read both pieces and ascertain that the message that is in your piece is what is communicated in the original text. If there is anything contrary, you should make the corrections. If there is any part that you have borrowed exactly the way it is from the text, put quotation marks on such phrases.

Finally, you need to avoid the problems associated with plagiarism. As such, you need to cite your piece. Depending on the specific citation style you intend to use, know the exact areas of the original post that you have borrowed from. After citing the source, you need to proofread your work. Editing means that you should ensure the information is within the appropriate context. Besides, check on the sentence structures and make the required changes. Grammar, punctuation marks, and the structure should also be right.

Many techniques are available for those who need to know how to paraphrase. Our English paraphrasing tool uses these methods. Here are some illustrations:

The use of synonyms

Here, you replace words in the original text with different ones that have the same meaning. However, you need to be cautious so that you use words that fit the context. Some words are known to have more than one meaning. Ensure that what you write is clear, and you do not leave the readers confused.

An example is as below:

“Economists have always observed that an increase in the prices of commodities leads to a reduction in the quantity of a commodity that the customers demand.”
“From an economic observation, it is seen that upward pressure on the price of good have the effect of reducing the number of commodities the clients are willing and able to purchase.”

When you read the two sentences above, you notice that the idea is communicated to the readers is the same. However, the words used to communicate that message are different. It is a perfect case of using synonyms to communicate the same message differently. This technique is used in paraphrasing tool UK.

Use of different word forms

It is possible to use one word as a verb in one instance, and use it as a noun in another. The trick is to ensure that the main message is maintained.

An example is in these two statements:

“The failure of the government in the provision of the essential services can be observed in different areas.”
“There are different observations one can make to prove that the government has failed when it comes to the delivery of the important services that the citizens need.”

Adjust the structure of the sentences

Some sentences can be changed completely. For instance, you can change a sentence that was originally in passive voice to active voice and vice versa.

A good example is what you can read below:

“The professor taught the students the importance of doing enough research before they begin writing their essays.”
“The students were taught by their professor why it is important to do extensive research as a prerequisite for preparing good essays.”

In both sentences, you notice that the important message is that the students learnt it is important to research before writing essays. However, the difference comes in in the position taken by the professor and the students, respectively.

Break or combine sentences

In most cases, the number of words in the original text is almost the same as in the paraphrased text. As a writer, you need to know how to play around with the sentences so that you can come up with a different text.

Note how the technique is used in the example below:

“Most developed economies world over are characterised by proper leadership, citizens who are self-driven, and transparency in financial management.”
“The developed counties have good leaders, and the citizens are driven towards growth. Besides, their finances are also managed transparently.”

From the example above, you notice the first statement is made of one sentence while the paraphrased version has two sentences. However, the message passed is the same.

Additionally, the word count is almost equal for both of them. The paraphrasing tool uses these same techniques.

5 Problems That Paraphrase Generator Can Handle With

Whatever message that your content portrays; precision is an important aspect. However, this is a characteristic that you can only achieve when you use the best paraphrasing tool. The five most critical areas that paraphrasing tools work on include:

  • Reducing wordiness. The message needs to get to the readers as fast as possible. There is no need of going around in circles. A good tool checks all the instances where unnecessary words are used and make the required changes.
  • Words used out of context. Some words are confusing. When you use them, the message does not get to the intended people. The tool can assist you in getting alternative words that can be used in the place of the misplaced synonyms.
  • Correction of plagiarism. Plagiarised content can put you in trouble. If you accidentally copy content avail it to the readers, the original creators of the content can sue you. Such a turn of event is not good for your business. For a student, a plagiarised paper can earn you discontinuation from college. Do not let such tribulations befall you. An efficient tool for paraphrasing can help you detect the cases of plagiarism so that you can correct them in advance.
  • Rectifying improper sentence structures. The tools can help you ensure that your sentence fragmentation is correct. It makes it easy for readers to go through the content.
  • Proper content flow.
  • The ideas in the content should flow seamlessly. The paraphrase generator for free can help you identify and correct the confusing aspects of the message. Moreover, all the grammar mistakes are also corrected.

The paraphrase example UK above can go a long way in improving your proficiency. Check more examples and learn how to paraphrase better.

Learn more tips on how to use paraphrase tool UK for your success!